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llels. Not only is their skin porous like ours, but their skin texture and color▓ is very similar, and like us, they▓ come in different sizes, shapes and forms.▓鈥?- Ginou Choueiri Every year, the Starchy Gallery▓ in London's East Dulwich invites people to take ▓pa

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 the public and exhibited at Jo David's Space Gallery 65.It might be difficult to choose a favourite amidst all the celebrity potato, but the honor came to young c▓ouple Poppy Frost and Thomas Morris ▓with their imitation of British singer Amy Wi

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nehouse. It took them an entire night to produce the masterpiece. The winner Poppy Frost said, "We ▓love her, we're really big fans of her and we though▓t it'd be quite funny because she's quite a lot in the press at the moment as well , we just love her and we're going to send her a phot▓o of it to let her know that she's won the potato competit▓ion."The potatoes have a life-span of around 2 weeks at the gallery. For those who want to step by and take a cl▓oser look,the gallery will host their potato celebs until March 16.1Poverty reduction captures the spotlight in China's HainanPoverty reduction captures the spotlight in China's HainanPoverty reduction captures the spotlight in China's Hainan04-16-2018 20:49 BJTHainan province is ta

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king a ser▓ies of steps to help eradicate poverty by 2020, in line with the central government's poverty reduction plan.In the past five years, the local government helped 617,000 people got out of poverty, and another 83,000 people will fol▓low suit this year.Of Hainan's total population of 9.3 million, about 477,000 remained below the poverty line in 2017. The national poverty line is an annual inco▓me of 2,300 yuan ($366) per capita.Hainan, China's youngest province

, celebrates its 30th anniversary on Friday.Many measures targeting poverty have helped to improve residents' incomes, such as the development of▓ high-efficiency agriculture and highlighting rural tourism, which yielded better jo▓bs, new farm produce and markets for many once-poor farmers. It beautified many villa▓ges as well.In 2017, about 2.84 billion yuan was poured▓ into the agriculture, tourism, healthc▓are, education and transportation systems with th▓e goal of reducing poverty on the island.Shatu, once an impoverished village in the island's northwestern

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area, has now become a village of sweet potatoes with some global stature.Farmers in the villag▓e used to grow low-productivity rice and other crops, ear▓ning incomes of less than 3,000 yuan a year in 2008, before they were encouraged by the loca▓l government to grow sweet potatoes▓ instead.The governm

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  • u can▓ fry them, mash them, paint them, or chop them, whichever way you do it, it's all allowed in the celebrit▓y potato contest.In line with recent news events, there are vers
  • ions of a rather hairless looki▓ng Britney Spears, a creation of Oscar winner▓ Helen Mirren, a potato of
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